PRAKALPA Planning Solutions Pvt. Ltd, founded by Arc. Subhajit Dey, Arc. Sudipta kr. Seal and Arc. Arijit Roy is an Architectural and Interior design organisation have dedicated itself onto design-driven practice for making Interesting and Quality architecture with an approach equally committed to the conceptualisation, realization and implementation of the project.

“As an Architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future with is essentially unknown” – as said by the great Architect Norman Foster."

We are a company of professionals in the field of Architecture and Interior over a decade and more and is driven to exceed the expectations of our clients, believe optimal design solutions evolve from fully understanding of the Client’s Requirements and we listen and try to understand with an open mind and are committed to being good to the environment and furthering the advancement of the design profession.

Our combined skills in architecture and interior design, together with our resources in engineering services enable us to ensure that high-quality functional solutions are delivered on time and within budget. We see architecture and interior design as overlapping and symbiotic areas of activity and continue to maintain the delicate balance of innovation and professionalism that is our hallmark.

We are inspired to a create a meaningful architecture that is planned through a rigorous spatial and geometric ordering transformed to a realistic structure creating spaces that surrender to the sensual experience of space. Our design innovations are aimed at enhancing and uplifting human living. This is achieved through thorough understanding of the context and the users’ needs. We also strive to optimize both the functions and aesthetics within the same building, a process which we apply rigorously from concept to detail design.

We have considerable experience in high-density residential projects, and have also enjoyed designing commercial and institutional buildings along with resorts and Hospitality projects.

In Interior Designing we have completed Corporate, Commercial, Institutional, Retail, Hospitality and Residential Interiors as well.

We believe that an Architect’s role is that of guardian of the environment and his thoughts are directly imparted onto the built environment whatever built should stands through the passage of time.